15 Best things to do in Serbia

Serbia is a place signified by an incredible heritage, culture, and mesmerising sights. It offers everything from a spectacular blend of untouched landscapes, ancient history, and remarkable natural marvels. The Eastern European nation is a combination of incredible culture with a fun-loving spirit. From the eclectic energy of Belgrade to the serene spa towns of Sokobanja, There are several things to do in Serbia. If you're looking for an exceptional and once-in-a-lifetime experience, book a flight to Serbia with flydubai. This is our curated list of the 15 best things to do in Serbia.

Visit the Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress - flydubai

Explore the ancient Belgrade Fortress to step back in time, with fantastic views from the top over Belgrade city. The fortress was established in the third century but has undergone numerous reconstructions. You will find different cultural legacies from the Romans, Turks, and Astro-Hungarians. There's history at every turn in the Belgrade Fortress.

Visit the Church of Saint Sava

Saint Sava - flydubai

Saint Sava is the second-biggest Orthodox Church in the world and the largest in the Balkan region. It's a constant tourist attraction in Serbia's capital. It's located on the Vračar plateau, in the eastern part of the Svetosavski Try Square in Belgrade. From every path to Belgrade, you can see the church's walls which are made of white granite and marble, and the city is echoed by the 50 bells that chime midday. The Church of Saint Sava is perhaps the most monumental structure in Belgrade.

Stroll through Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova Street - flydubai

Knez Mihailova is one of Belgrade's most beautiful and central pedestrian streets. Knez Mihailova street is also the most famous shopping spot in Central Belgrade, popular with local citizens and tourists. Some of the most well-known brands in the world can be found here. Knez Mihailova Street was listed as a “Spatial Cultural-Historical Unit of Great Importance” in 1979. The street consists of plenty of shops, cafes and all types of restaurants which provide authentic traditional food. You’ll also find the City Library on the northern part of the street. Admire this stunning and diverse street with your family and friends.

Visit Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan park is the largest and probably the most beautiful park in the city of Belgrade. Kalemegdan park has many attractions that you can easily spend a day or more exploring the different sights of the park. The park is situated on the cliff surrounding the Belgrade Fortress, which used to be Belgrade’s main defensive structure. The stances of the fort from the park are breathtaking. It is a beautiful location that many Belgradians and tourists visit all year long for its green spaces, tree-lined pathways, monuments, and cultural attractions. Visiting this special place is definitely worth your time.

Visit Belgrade’s Military Museum

Belgrade’s Military Museum - flydubai

Make sure to visit Belgrade’s Military Museum if you're at Kalemegdan, a must-see location in Belgrade. The museum, surrounded by a lovely garden, contributes to the fortress’s historical richness with its structure and extensive holdings. You will learn about the 14 century-long struggle for freedom in the museum that was established as a part of Serbia's Independence celebrations. You'll also be familiar with the weapons, uniforms, different decorations, and artwork. Belgrade’s Military Museum is the perfect place to visit if you're enthusiastic about knowing about historic sites and other weapons.

Wander around Skadarlija Street

Skadarlija is an iconic street, a trendy neighbourhood, and a former Belgrade municipality. Skadarlija is situated in Belgrade's Stari Gold (Old town) municipality and is generally considered the city's central bohemian district. Skadarlija is the second most popular tourist destination in Belgrade after Kalemegdan. This street is equivalent to Montmartre in Paris. This area has impressive cafes, breweries, dessert shops, and classic restaurants. The street also has several local singers and artists performing, giving stunning performances. If you're a big-time food lover, you should visit Skadarlija street.

Explore Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija, also known as Belgrade’s Sea, is an island located on the fourth kilometre of the river Sava in central Belgrade. It's one of the well-known locations to visit in Belgrade. It was once an isolated island in the river Sava, but now it's a popular recreational area. Ada Ciganlija has emerged as a favourite destination for enjoyment, rest, recreation, and entertainment among many locals and tourists worldwide because of its natural resources, variety of sports, and abundance of eateries. For lovers of extreme sports, it’s worth visiting Ada Ciganlija.

Visit Gardoš Tower

Gardoš Tower - flydubai

Gardoš Towers, also called Millennium Tower, is the memorial tower in Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia. It was from the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was built by the Hungarian rulers to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of statehood. The view of the whole city from the top of the tower, especially the sunset, is mesmerising. One should surely visit the Gardoš tower while exploring Serbia.

Visit Nikola Tesla Museum

Anyone who enjoys science and is fascinated by electricity or lightsabers must include a trip to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade on their list. This small yet incredible museum manages to be both educational and truly enjoyable simultaneously. The museum devoted to the life and accomplishments of Nikola Tesla is a wonderful place to learn about the history of science while also paying respect to one of the most significant figures in the region.

Visit the National Theatre

The National Theatre was established in the late 19th century, situated on Republic Square, Belgrade, Serbia. It's the one-stop location for performing arts and cultural events. Visit the National Theatre to experience the spectacular talents of Serbian actors and watch the interpretations of famous plays. No other place in the city offers a better experience than the National Theatre.

Visit the Residence of Princess Ljubica

Only a few structures from Prince Milo Obrenovi’s reign are standing, including Princess Ljubica’s home. It was constructed in 1830 to serve as the seat for the Serbian court but was never really used for that. Princess Ljubica, the wife of Prince Milo Obrenovi, temporarily lived here while he was at his home in the Kalemegdan citadel. The mention blends Ottoman style and 19- Century European styles, as evidenced in the permanent displays of furniture and artwork. Visitors cannot visit inside the residence but can see outside the beautiful building and take pictures.

Visit the Zeleni Venac Farmers Market

This modern-day farmer's market is one of the best places to see how Belgrade residents live. It's the oldest and busiest green market in the area. The food here is all fresh, whether greens or meats. You can also get household products from this vast market. The architecture of the market is surprisingly stunning, with a blend of the art decor, neoclassicism, and Balkan. It’s also known as the “Queen of Markets” in Belgrade.

Visit Dorćol (Belgrade’s Old Town)

Although technically, Belgrade doesn’t have an old town, Dorćol is your best option if combining history, culture, and leisurely wandering is on your Serbian itinerary. It’s among Belgrade’s most historic and significant locations, rich in history, tales, and legends as you stroll around the beautiful nooks and crannies of the cobblestone crossroads. Explore the multiple historic buildings, from Bajrakli Mosque to the Museum of Vuk. Dorćol is one of the best places to visit in Serbia.

Hike up Mount Avala

If you’re striving for some fresh Serbian air, go 16 kilometres outside of the city centre and climb to the top of Mount Avala. This tranquil peak gives a sweeping view of Belgrade and serves as an escape from the congested inner-city streets. It's a beautiful place to spend some peaceful time whether you go alone or bring some buddies. Hang around there a little later if capturing a Serbian sunset is on your to-do list. It will surely be your best lifetime experience.

Visit the Tašmajdan Park

Tasmanian, probably the most well-kept and stunning city park, is just 15 minutes away from republic square and five minutes away from the Serbian National Assembly. You can simply take a walk, sit on a park bench, and breathe in the fragrance of flowers and the sound of water fountains. You can see St Mark’s Church from any part of the park. Visiting Tašmajdan park is one of the soothing things to do in Serbia.

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