Almaty (ALA)

Enjoy a warm Kazakh welcome in this cosmopolitan city nestled beneath snow-capped mountains

Economy from

AED 1,685


Amman (AMM)

The perfect place to kick-start an unforgettable journey through Jordan

Economy from

AED 1,700


Alexandria (HBE)

Take a step back in time and lose yourself in the atmosphere of this charming Mediterranean city

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AED 1,105


Baku (GYD)

Glossy skyscrapers loom above ancient heritage buildings in this burgeoning port city

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AED 1,400


Beirut (BEY)

Chill out in cafes, soak up the sun and dance the night away in this charismatic Mediterranean capital

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AED 1,650


Belgrade (BEG)

Explore Serbia’s vibrant capital

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AED 2,161


Budapest (BUD)

With pleasant thermal springs and extraordinary cave systems, this destination promises to amaze you at every turn.

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AED 2,700


Catania (CTA)

Traverse this thrilling city at the foot of an active volcano to find robust architecture and exciting events of cultural and historical importance.

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AED 2,590


Colombo (CMB)

Explore the bazaar and stroll by the sea in this vibrant, coastal capital

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AED 1,705


Ljubljana (LJU)

One of Europe’s smallest capitals, Ljubljana is a little gem

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AED 2,090


Pisa (PSA)

Go on a historical expedition to the hometown of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and other architectural marvels.

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AED 2,590


Salzburg (SZG)

Admire a unique combination of scenic Alpine landscapes and architectural richness of Austria's "most inspiring city".

Economy from

AED 2,500


Sarajevo (SJJ)

Enjoy an east-meets-west atmosphere in this vibrant European city.

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AED 2,320


Salalah (SLL)

Bird-watching and scuba diving from beaches fringed with coconut palms are just a couple of the attractions in Salalah

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AED 1,450


Sofia (SOF)

Both ancient and modern, Sofia is the eastern European city with a Mediterranean heart

Economy from

AED 1,590


Tbilisi (TBS)

Start your Georgian adventure in the country’s fascinating capital

Economy from

AED 1,150


Tirana (TIA)

Take a glimpse at the artistic beauty of this capital city, lush with colorful street art and murals, along with museums highlighting the city's political past.

Economy from

AED 2,111


Yerevan (EVN)

Discover this beautiful and welcoming city at the foothills of Holy Mount Ararat

Economy from

AED 1,075


Zagreb (ZAG)

Explore a thousand years of history and art in Croatia’s intriguing ‘city of museums’

Economy from

AED 2,090


Zanzibar (ZNZ)

Experience the beauty of the Zanzibar Archipelago

Economy from

AED 1,830

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