Georgia - best summer 2022 destination that you must visit

If you are looking for paradise on Earth to immerse yourself in, then Georgia is the best summer destination for you. It is an exotic destination located on the border of Europe and Asia in the Caucasus. From visiting charming mountain villages to stunning beaches along the mesmerising Black Sea, it is a diverse location you can enjoy with family, friends or even as a solo traveller!

Check out flydubai’s Guide to Georgia below for the best places to visit and a list of activities for your summer holidays in Georgia.

Tbilisi, Georgia (TBS)

Tbilisi, Georgia - Summer Destinations In Georgia 2022

An old dramatic town that’s located on the side of the cliff, Tbilisi is a unique destination. Right from a vibrant nightlife to amazing scenic views, Tbilisi promises a wholesome experience. When in Tbilisi, make sure you take the cable car ride over the Kura River. The cable car will drop you off at the enchanting mediaeval Narikala Fortress. In the Abanotubani neighbourhood of Tbilisi, you will find sulphur baths, where you can relax and destress.

Batumi, Georgia (BUS)

Batumi, Georgia - Summer Destinations In Georgia 2022

Batumi is a unique city filled with dramatic modern architecture. It is the best place to experience the city life of Georgia. During the day, you can experience the beautiful botanical gardens and the Black Sea’s pebbled beaches while at night, you can visit an exquisite restaurant for a delicious Georgian meal!



Ushguli is a collection of rustic villages that are nestled amidst the Caucasian mountains of Svaneti. The entrance of the town is filled with old watchtowers that were built to guard the entrance of this charming UNESCO World Heritage Site. A unique experience in the village is to experience a home cooked meal with a local Swan Family.



One of the main attractions of Georgia is the Gergeti Trinity Church. It stands tall in the Kazbegi region. You can easily make it a day trip to Kazbegi from Tbilisi, but make sure that you visit the church early in the morning to witness the morning sun glowing off the Trinity Church.



One of the most charming towns in Georgia is Kutaisi. With lovely monasteries, churches, and restaurants you can spend a lovely day here.

Georgia is a beautiful destination that can offer you a much needed break filled with peace and tranquillity. With spectacular scenic views and a delectable cuisine, you are sure to have the time of your life.

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