Travelling with a restraint device

A restraint system is a removable device or a harness that can be attached to the seat of an aircraft using the aircraft seatbelt to secure and protect the passenger throughout the flight. Here you'll find the guidelines for use of restraint systems, harnesses and devices on board flydubai flights for infants, children and adults.

Passengers may use a restraint system on board provided that:

  • Passenger using the restraint system is seated next to their travel companion who is 18 years old and above and can assist them throughout the entire journey.
  • Passenger's seatbelt is used in conjunction with the restraint system.
  • The restraint system fits properly and ensures that the passenger is seated and secured correctly following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are travelling with a restraint device, you'll need to get a clearance to use it on board at least 48 hours before your flight. Please send us a message via Contact us form, selecting ‘Restraint system/device’ subject in the drop-down. You'll need to provide your booking reference number, device make and model, and any other specific requirements.

The following restraint devices are accepted on board flydubai flights (devices are not provided by flydubai):

Maximum heightMaximum weightAge
CARESUp to 101 cmUp to 20kg-
Special CARESUp to 182 cmNo weight limitations-
Crelling/Houdini Model 27 ISB/I (Black)--Up to 5 years
Crelling/Houdini Model 27 ASB/A (Blue)--5 to 8 years
Crelling/Houdini Model 27 BSB (Black)--9 years and above
Meru TravelChair-Up to 35 kg3 to 7 years
Maximum heightUp to 101 cm
Maximum weightUp to 20 kg
Special CARES
Maximum heightUp to 182 cm
Maximum weightNo weight limitations
Crelling/Houdini Model 27 ISB/I (Black)
Maximum height-
Maximum weight-
AgeUp to 5 years
Crelling/Houdini Model 27 ASB/A (Blue)
Maximum height-
Maximum weight-
Age5 to 8 years
Crelling/Houdini Model 27 BSB (Black)
Maximum height-
Maximum weight-
Age9 years and above
Meru TravelChair
Maximum height-
Maximum weightUp to 35 kg
Age3 to 7 years

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