Multi-risk travel insurance with COVID-19 cover

For flights booked on or after 01 December 2020, at no additional cost, we're offering all of our passengers multi-risk travel insurance, including COVID-19 cover, for additional peace of mind when flying with us.

Cover benefits

The benefits of your multi-risk travel insurance cover include:

  • Up to USD 500,000 for overseas medical expenses and emergency evacuation
  • Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cancelled due to contracting COVID‑19 or for other reasons named in the policy
  • Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cancelled or cut short if the school year is extended due to COVID‑19 beyond the departure date, and you or a relative (as defined in the policy) is a full‑time teacher, full‑time employee or a student at a primary or secondary school
  • Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cut short due to you or a relative (as defined in the policy) falling ill overseas, including contracting COVID‑19, and you need to return home
  • Up to USD 7,500 if you have to abandon your travels for failing a COVID‑19 test or medical screening at the airport
  • USD 150 per day, per person for up to 14 consecutive days if you test positive for COVID‑19 and are unexpectedly placed into mandatory quarantine while overseas

The insurance policy under which cover is provided is underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries, affiliates or network partners of American International Group, Inc.


How it works

You’re automatically covered when you book your flight through our website, our Customer Centre or our Travel Shops, or through a travel agent, on or after 01 December 2020 (up until the end date* of this programme as specified on There are no forms to complete, your ticket simply needs to be issued directly by flydubai or have 141 as the first three digits of the ticket number.

Your cover is valid for the duration of a round trip or up to 365 days after your departure date from your original country of departure, whichever is earlier. For one-way tickets, the emergency medical expenses benefit and the overseas quarantine allowance benefit end 31 days after your arrival at your final destination outside of your country of residence. All other benefits will expire 48 hours after you arrive at your final destination outside of your country of residence.

If you need to make a claim under this cover, you can call one of the 24‑hour support numbers in your preferred language. 

LanguageClaims numberClaims email
English+44 1273
French+33 1 49 02 42 22declarations.A&
German+49 699 711
Vietnamese+8428 6299
Spanish+34 91 275
Portuguese+351 21 340

Please note that cover is provided subject to terms and conditions and expenses require pre‑approval.

*flydubai reserves the right to end the programme at any time.


Contact information

If you have any questions about the cover provided by this policy or would like more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions or get in touch with the insurer’s Assistance Department using the contact details provided below.

LanguageAssistance numberAssistance email
English+44 1273
French+33 1 49 02 46
Vietnamese+8428 6299
Spanish+34 91 275
Portuguese+351 21 340

Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to any questions you have about this cover by reading the frequently asked questions for multi-risk travel insurance.


Terms and conditions

This multi-risk travel insurance is provided subject to policy terms and conditions. We encourage you to review the policy wording to understand when cover is applicable.

The policy cover is the same globally, with some exceptions depending on your country of residence. If your country of residence* is listed below, please review the local policy wording.

*This cover is not currently available if your country of residence is Bulgaria, Finland, Israel, Romania or Slovakia.


Your privacy

At the time of an assistance request or claim, you will need to provide the insurer with relevant information that may be required to process your request or claim. Please read the Data Disclosure section in the policy for more information on how the insurer processes your personal information.

flydubai will not share your personal information with the insurer in the context of cover, except to verify your trip details at the time of the claim if the insurer is unable to verify such details from you. flydubai processes your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy.

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