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The capital of Poland, Warsaw is a combination of the old and the new, traditional and contemporary. Warsaw is a city full of contrasts, where tourists flock to witness gleaming skylines, tall skyscrapers, and bustling streets that exist right alongside peaceful green lawns and gardens, old palaces, and Gothic architecture. Whether you’re interested more in history, contemporary art, food, or classical music, Warsaw has something for everyone to enjoy.

Things to see and do in Warsaw

  • Wander on the streets of Old Town to check out the amber shops, welcoming cafes, and stop by to admire the Warsaw Mermaid in the Old Town Square.
  • One of the most remarkable things to see in Warsaw is the Museum of Warsaw located in Old Town Market Square. You will find 11 beautifully restored townhouses that have more than 7000 extraordinary, original and uniquely showcased displays dating from the 14th century to modern times.
  • Tour the Royal Castle (Castle Museum) which is a popular meeting point in the city surrounded by restaurants and dominated by the vast statue of King Zygmunt III Waza, who moved the Polish capital to Warsaw from Krakow in 1596.
  • For a lovely day in the sun, go for a picnic at Lazienki park. It is home to many stunning landmarks such as the Theatre on the Isle, the Palace on the Water, and the Old and New Orangery or head to the Vistula River for water sports and the sunset view from the longest river in Poland.
  • One of the best tourist spots and a gem of Warsaw is Wilanów Palace. In summer stylish sculptures, fountains, charming alleys, the lake and a cascading stream make the surrounding park a perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tips for travellers

Take a day trip to Masurian Lake District which is a tranquil region of natural beauty located a short train journey out of Warsaw. Enjoy walks and bike rides at the Napiwodsko-Ramucka forest or a simple picnic in the calm forested area, as well as relax by the banks of the Lyna River. Also, check out the ancient castle at Nidzica or learn about the traditions of the Polish people at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Ethnographic Park.

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