Welcome to Volgograd

Volgograd is a modern city with a rich culture to explore, as well as a fascinating past. 

Things to see and do in Volgograd

  • The Mamayev Kurgan – a huge memorial is an absolute must. It’s topped by the gigantic Rodina Mat, one of the world’s biggest statues. On the way up, you can go in a tunnel that opens into the hillside.
  • See stars at Volgograd’s Planetarium: not only can you visit the observatory,you can also take a stroll around the park which is dotted with old-fashioned astronomical instruments including sundials and globes. 
  • Explore the Volga-Don Canal. This busy waterway connects the two rivers and is a major transportation link. There’s also a Canal Museum, which shows how the canal was built.
  • Soak up some of the city atmosphere when you visit the Central Market. They sell all sorts of things from fish straight from the River Volga to watermelons here.
  • Check out the collection of Russian and Western European paintings in the Volgograd Museum of Fine Art

Tips for travellers

The Volgograd region is the gateway into the south of Russia. If you head 20km out of town, you can visit the impressive Volzhskiy hydroelectric power station which supplies power to the city.

Travel ideas

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