Welcome to Yekaterinburg

Capital of the Urals and one of Russia’s principal cities, Yekaterinburg offers a diverse mix of the ancient and modern, at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

With plenty to explore and discover, Yekaterinburg is a fascinating city break destination.

Top things to see and do in Yekaterinburg

  • Stand on the spot where the Ipatiev House, scene of the massacre of the Tsars, once stood, and take in the splendour of the Cathedral on the Blood, built in their memory.
  • Use your best haggling skills at the bazaar on the Lenin Boulevard, and pick yourself up a local Yekaterinburg memento.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Antei Tower lookout.
  • Visit the haunting Black Tulip Memorial Complex, built in honour of the victims of recent conflicts.
  • Don’t miss the old wooden buildings and quaint theatres of the literary quarter, complete with a grand statue of Pushkin.
  • Explore the contemporary architecture and art in the town including the Keyboard Monument in the Yekaterinburg city centre.
  • Sample the finest Russian black caviar from local sturgeon at Yekaterinburg’s top restaurants.

Tips for travellers

Just a few minutes out of town you can have a foot in both Europe and Asia at the monument dividing the two continents. A not-to-be-missed photo opportunity.

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