10 best things to do in Salzburg

Salzburg is a romantic city in Austria known for charming visitors with history, landscapes, and musical heritage. From exploring the historic Old Town to tracing Mozart's footsteps, and basking in the region's natural beauty, here's a list of top things to do while visiting Salzburg.

1. Wander through the Old Town

Salzburg Old Town

The heart of Salzburg lies in its charming Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lose yourself in the narrow streets and alleys lined with buildings depicting beautiful Medieval and Baroque architecture. Explore the bustling squares like Residenzplatz and Mozartplatz and the beautiful pedestrian shopping street Getreidegasse while soaking in the city's atmosphere.

2. Discover Mozart's legacy

Discover Mozart legacy

Salzburg is known for being the birthplace of the legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His birthplace is located in the heart of Salzburg's Old Town, now reconstructed as accurately as possible and converted into a museum. Learn about his life and musical genius through the exhibits showcasing his personal belongings, musical instruments, and original compositions.

3. Marvel at Hohensalzburg Fortress

Marvel at Hohensalzburg Fortress

Resting atop the Festungberg hill, Hohensalzburg Fortress is one of Europe's largest medieval castles, which dominates the city's skyline. Take a leisurely funicular ride up to the castle from the Old Town and get panoramic views of Salzburg. The views of the Salzach River flowing through the city and the mountains in the backdrop make for a picture from a postcard. Explore the castle grounds, visit the Fortress Museum, and witness centuries of history.

4. Visit Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Mirabell Palace and Gardens is a true visual delight and one of the most beautiful places in Salzburg. The Palace, the manicured gardens, symmetrical flowerbeds, statues, and enchanting fountains make perfect spots for a tranquil moment amidst nature. You can attend a Mozart concert in the evening, which is held every day in the Palace.

5. Take a boat ride on the Salzach River

Take a boat ride on the Salzach River

Go on a boat ride along the Salzach River and get a new perspective of Salzburg. Look at the city's stunning skyline, lush riverside landscapes, and the surrounding mountains. You can choose from sightseeing cruises or dinner cruises for a fantastic experience.

6. Indulge in Austrian flavours

Indulge in Austrian flavours

Salzburg offers a delightful mix of the region's traditional flavours and influences from neighbouring countries. Try the Salzburger Nockerl (a fluffy dessert), Schnitzel, Mozartkugeln (chocolate treat), Kasnocken (cheese dumplings), and classic Strudel from any of the cafés and fine dining establishments of the city.

7. Visit a farmer's market

Visit a farmer market

Salzburg is famous for its farmer's markets. You can visit any of these markets and buy various odd items and souvenirs. Grünmarkt is the most famous one, where you can choose from delicious cheeses, pastries, veggies, and the well-known 'Mozartkugeln'.

8. Explore the Trick Fountains of Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace

Visit the enchanting Hellbrunn Palace and immerse yourself in its whimsical fountains. Discover the hidden water-powered surprises and playful mechanisms designed to amuse guests. Stroll around the palace grounds and revel in the beauty of its Renaissance architecture.

9. Go on a skiing adventure in Southern Salzburg

Southern Salzburg

Salzburg is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts if you are visiting in the winter season. With its proximity to the Austrian Alps, the region boasts picturesque ski resorts which offer skiing, ice skating and snowboarding for all skill levels.

10. Venture into Salzburg's natural beauty

Salzburg natural beauty

Surrounded by the majestic Alps, Salzburg is a fine getaway to nature. Go hiking in the Untersberg mountain or enjoy a scenic drive through the Salzkammergut region while enjoying the beauty of the lakes, mountains, and charming villages that mark the landscape.

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