Discover the beautiful Bratislava

Bratislava, the largest city in Slovakia and its capital, has been an administrative, cultural, and economic centre for thousands of years. Sight-seeing, great food, and fun outdoor festivals are just a few of the things you can enjoy here during the pleasant summer months. Discover all that beautiful Bratislava has to offer.

Explore the city on foot

Best covered on foot, Bratislava’s city centre is where most of its hotels and attractions are located. Start by walking to Primatial Square. This beautiful spot is buzzing with energy, making it a great place to people watch. Primatial Palace is adjacent to the square and a good example of neo-classical architecture. Built in the 1700s by archbishop József Batthyány, the palace’s famous Hall of Mirrors is where Bratislava City Council meetings take place today.


Next, head to Hlavné námestie, Bratislava’s main square and one of its most popular attractions. Located at the very heart of the city, the square is dotted with cafes where you can savour a cup of coffee as you enjoy a myriad of performances by street artists. One of the most memorable landmarks in Hlavné námestie is Roland’s Fountain, built in the 1600s by king Maximilian II of Hungary.

Visit Bratislava’s castles for a walk down Slovakia’s history

A short distance from old town is Devin Castle, one of the oldest and most significant landmarks in Slovakia. The castle, located near the Morava river, played a very important role in protecting the state of Moravia against outside threats. One of the castle’s many fascinating features is Maiden Tower, a narrow watchtower built on a rock. Today, visitors to Devin castle can enjoy numerous exhibitions at its upper castle caves to learn about the region’s history. The castle’s picturesque grounds also offer great hiking trails.


Another one of the city’s key landmarks, Bratislava Castle, is a must-see as its strategic location atop a lone hill offers stunning views of the old town. Visit one of the many permanent and temporary exhibitions managed by the Slovak National Museum at Bratislava Castle.

Take a day trip to Vienna

If you have time to spare after exploring Bratislava, consider taking a short day trip to Austria’s capital, Vienna. Connected by the River Danube, the two cities are just over 60 kilometres apart and the journey from Bratislava to Vienna takes approximately an hour by boat. 

vienna-Danoub-riverSpend the day walking around Vienna and visit some of its famous art museums including Kunsthistorisches Museum and Leopold Museum then head to Vienna’s old city to enjoy authentic Viennese coffee at one of its many traditional cafes.

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