Soak Up Dubai's Cultural Significance at a Souk

If you’re planning on exploring Dubai then a visit to the souks is a must. Read more to discover the standout souks that come with their own heritage and unique histories.


The Gold Souk

Characterized by narrow streets, the Gold Souk has shop windows filled with shiny gold jewelry to capture your attention as you stroll by to browse. Although the best time to visit is usually the late afternoon, most shops at the Souk are open until about 10 p.m.


Most of the items are 24-karat gold, and none of them is less than 18-karat gold. Haggling is an expected practice, and you should plan to spend at least a couple hours between picking out your favorite pieces and trying to get the best bargain for them.

The Spice Souk

As the name suggests, the Spice Souk is packed with spices and fragrances ranging from frankincense to shish and is located conveniently next to the Gold Souk. In contrast to the extravagant malls, the Spice Souk retains it’s old world charm and the smells serve as a perfect backdrop for an afternoon wander.


In addition to the wide variety of herbs and spices you can also find textiles and old historical artifacts. Make sure you don’t get distracted by the aroma of spices and perfumes that fills the air, explore the souk in its entirety and just as at the Gold Souk, it’s not inappropriate to haggle.

Naif Souk

Once a camel market, the Naif Souk has become much more diverse and now boasts more than 100 shops. It is one of the oldest souks in Dubai, but the establishment has kept up with the changing times well and offers guests an air-conditioned setting to make browsing more enjoyable.

Besides finding things like jewelry and clothing, you can also discover wares like souvenirs and purses. The souk is located in Dubai's Deira district, and when visiting here you can appreciate historical merit alongside shopping possibilities.

Meena Bazaar

Popular with tourists and locals alike for more than a decade, the Meena Bazaar is a souk that offers a bit more variety than the Gold and Spice souks. You can usually find people selling men's and women's clothing, Indian attire is particularly popular. There are also plenty of jewelry and textile merchants should you be interested in sampling exotic stones or fine silks and fabrics.

These are just a few of the numerous souks peppered throughout Dubai. Not only are Souks a great place to get authentic goods from the region, but they also let visitors experience a taste of local culture. You cannot skip souk hopping when visiting this amazing city, and now you have the names of four that are sure to please.

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