The best places to soak up mystical, magical Romania

Immerse yourself in ancient history and soak up the magical atmosphere in Romania. The European hotspot has long been known for its spiritual, powerful nature, with many people believing mysticism is at the heart of its past.

Step back in time and experience the story-book charm of Romania with our guide to the country’s most mystical sights.

Bran Castle

Stand beneath the looming Bran Castle, perched on a rock high above a valley, and experience the spooky national monument which inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula. The castle, which is as beautiful as its story is impressive, has also been a royal residence since becoming home to Queen Maria of Romania in 1920.

Scale the narrow staircases and venture to the top of the grand towers to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding lush forest. Uncover tales of local vampire lore among the dedicated exhibitions and learn more about Bram Stoker, who strangely never actually visited Romania himself.

The Sphinx in Bucegi


Witness unspoiled natural beauty and staggering natural rock formations within the dramatic Bucegi Mountains. Make your way to the mountain plateau and uncover the Sphinx, a 12-metre-high wonder shaped by the wind into what’s believed to be a human head. Shrouded in legend, this rock is a popular landmark to visit.

One story says the formation could represent a supreme God worshipped long ago by the Dacians, while others believe it was an energetic centre used by ancient aliens. It isn’t uncommon to see groups holding hands in a circle to try to feel the energy of the place.

Sinca Veche

Travel to the outskirts of Sinca Veche and head underground into the mysterious Sinca Veche Cave Monastery. The ancient site dates back more than 7,000 years, with a variety of religious symbols carved into the walls, from the Star of David to a Chinese yin and yang.

The low windows and tall skylights are believed to symbolically let holy energy into the space. Wander through the nine different rooms and take in the tranquil atmosphere.

The Polovragi Caves

Make a pilgrimage to the small town of Polovragi and discover the cave of the ancient Zamolxes, God of the Dacians. Formed more than a million years ago, the mystical cave is packed with dramatic formations and spooky wall paintings.

It was once believed the cave held the hidden treasures of the historic inhabitants of Dacia, who hailed from the Carpathian Mountains. Feel the hairs on your arms stand on end as you make your way through the caves and unravel their rich history.


Venture out of Bucharest and unravel the magic of Buzau. This spiritual destination is bursting with history, an isolated area where time seemingly stands still.

This region has been used as a place of worship for thousands of years and hundreds of paranormal appearances have been reported here, making it the ideal location for a break with a difference.

Explore these legends for yourself and book a flight with flydubai to immerse yourself in the magic of this fascinating country.

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