National parks in Finland

The 5 most recommended national parks in Finland

Finland boasts of 40 national parks that are noted for their snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, quaint islands and deep blue lakes. With such mesmerising scenery, they offer an irresistible respite from busy city life.


Located close to the Arctic Circle, Finland’s national parks thrive undisturbed by urban civilization. Here are the five most recommended parks that showcase nature in all its glory.

Koli National Park


The park is popular among hikers for nature walks in both summer and winter.

Any native Finn will first recommend a visit to the Koli National Park. Located in East Finland, Koli National Park is home to the spectacular Lake Pielinen, and has inspired many Finnish artists thanks to its magnificent landscape. 

The park is popular among hikers for nature walks in both summer and winter. One of the trails leads to the Ukko-Koli hill. From the top of this hill, you can take in sweeping views of the park as well as of Lake Pielinen.


The park can be accessed by train from Helsinki or by taxi from Joensuu. Lodging facilities are available within the park for visitors who wish to spend a night in the lap of Nature.

Hossa National Park


Park's origins can be traced back thousands of years to Finland’s Stone Age.

Hossa National Park was inaugurated as Finland’s 40th national park in 2017. However, its origins can be traced back thousands of years to Finland’s Stone Age. The rock paintings of Julma-Ölkky and Värikallio, which depict wild bears and shamanic rituals, showcase the ancient roots of Hossa.

Hossa National Park is a favoured spot for rock-climbing, hiking, and canoeing. Fishing too is an enjoyable activity here. With dense pine forests and clearly marked walking and cycling trails, Hossa is especially popular among families with children. Some parts of this national park are also wheelchair-accessible.

Finland Hossa National Park Hut Traditional Hut
Finland Hossa Julma Olkky Julma-Ölkky
Finland Hossa suspention bridge Suspension bridge

This park offers many options for accommodation if you wish to stay overnight. You can choose from a camp-site, a campervan, a caravan, a hut, a tent and a lean-to shelter. The closest airport to the park is 80 kms away in Kuusamo. From there, you can reach the park by car in roughly an hour’s time.

Teijo National Park


Teijo is especially known for its historic ironworks villages.

Teijo National Park has a remarkable landscape that includes serene lakes, beautiful pine forests and thick marshes. It offers exciting adventure activities like hiking, orienteering, canoeing, rowing, sailing, and boating in addition to berry and mushroom picking. Teijo is especially known for its historic ironworks villages, the residents of which still practise the art of creating traditional Finnish handicrafts. Exhibitions are often held within the park premises, so you can purchase works by local artisans.


Teijo is located close to Finland’s Archipelago National Park. Hailed as one of the world’s most gorgeous archipelagos, this national park offers ferry and boat services to help visitors travel between islets.

You can get to Teijo National Park from Helsinki by car within two hours. You can stay overnight within the park premises as well.

Archipelago National Park


Archipelago National Park is home to thousands of sun-kissed islands.

Nestled in south-western Finland, the Archipelago National Park is home to thousands of sun-kissed islands in the Archipelago Sea. You can spend the day hiking on forest trails; experiencing traditional Finnish village life; cycling along the famous Archipelago Trail; or exploring the islands by canoe.

Archipelago National Park is a three-hour car ride from Helsinki. Hut accommodation is available for guests who wish to stay longer than a day.

Oulanka National Park


Oulanka National Park contains some of Finland’s most popular hiking routes.

Sitting close to the Russian border in Southern Lapland, Oulanka National Park contains some of Finland’s most popular hiking routes. The Arctic forests here are marked by tall pine trees, cascading waterfalls and gushing rivers.

The main and remarkable sights to visit in this park are the Rupakivi Rock, the Oulanka Canyon, the Ristikallio Cliffs, the Kallioportti Cliffs, and the Taivalköngäs Rapids.

A well-known trail at Oulanka National Park is the Karhunkierros Trail, which winds a path marked by hanging bridges suspended over splendid gorges. You can also canoe across the calm waters of the peaceful Oulankajoki River here.

To preserve the natural environment as much as possible, Oulanka National Park does not offer stay accommodations within its premises. Hotels are located nearby if you wish to visit the park for more than a day. The easiest way to get here is by boarding a flight to Kuusamo from Helsinki. After that, the park is about 40 minutes away by car.

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