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On board

Is there food available on board?

Yes. The choice varies according to your destination, from hot meals that you can pre-order on longer flights to a range of snacks available to purchase on board shorter flights.

Need further assistance?

You can get in touch with us if you have any further queries.

Can I take a stroller on board?

Yes. Foldable/collapsible pushchairs and strollers meeting the permissible size and weight of hand baggage may be accepted for carriage in the cabin provided space is available. 

Pushchair/stroller should be stowed and secured in the overhead locker. Its stowage must not create an obstruction to cabin crew and passengers movement nor restrict access to safety equipment or emergency exit.

Can I carry children's ride on suitcases and/or leg rest devices on board?

No. Travel accessories that are not certified by the UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority are not permitted on board our flights. This includes, but is not limited to, inflatable cubes, Bedbox (ride on suitcases and/or leg rest devices), Fly Legs-up and FLY-Tot.

Is there any medical equipment available on board?

There's a first-aid kit and first-aid oxygen (emergency use only) available on board the aircraft. Additional oxygen is not provided on board flydubai flights, but you can travel with your own portable oxygen concentrator if it is an approved device permitted to use on board.

What should I do if I leave something on the plane?

If you lose something on board, contact the arrival airport's lost & found office.

Can I take liquids in my hand baggage?

Yes. You can take liquids on board as long as they are placed in containers of no more than 100 milliliters (3 fluid ounce) and packed in a clear zipper/slider storage bag. Please check with your departure airport for the latest information.

Can I travel with fireworks, crackers or party poppers?

No. They are not permitted on board or in the baggage hold.

Can I take a powered wheelchair on board or will you carry it in the hold?

Battery-powered wheelchairs or other mobility aids can be carried only when it's used by passengers with reduced mobility. For more details please check our Special baggage page.

Can I take a bird or animal on board?

Generally, we don't allow any animals onboard our flights in hand baggage or checked baggage. We might allow carriage of falcons provided there is a special prior approval. For more details please check our Special baggage page.

Can I smoke on board?

No. All flydubai aircrafts are non-smoking.

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