Flights to Namangan, Uzbekistan

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No flights available for the current schedule

Namangan travel guidelines

Visa required for UAE residents

COVID-19 vaccination certificate not required

4 weekly flights

Flight duration 03h 29min

Things to do in Namangan

See the Madrasah of Mulla-Kirgiz

Visit the unique structure that has been standing in the centre of Namangan for more than a hundred years.

Explore the picturesque Babur Park

Named after the founder of the Mughal Empire, the beautiful park features gardens, fountains, and sculptures.

Try the delicious local cuisine

Indulge in local dishes such as Palov, Manti, and Shurpa at traditional Uzbek restaurants.

*Flight schedule has been fetched within the last 7 days and may change at the time of booking.

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