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Things to do

Enjoy a sumptuous soak


Venture to Abanotubani and test out Tbilisi’s famous sulphur baths. Head beneath the capital city’s streets and experience the therapeutic waters of the legendary domed subterranean bathhouses.

Caves in colour


Visit the rock-hewn dwellings of Uplistsikhe and immerse yourself in Georgia’s ancient cave town. Tick off Vardzia too, the jaw-dropping cave monastery and fortress, home to a spectacular underground complex dug out of solid rock. Trek along the tunnels, explore the Church of the Assumption and see spectacular frescoes up close.

Hike yourself happy


Georgia’s lush valleys are a magnet for all kinds of adventurers - horse riders, cyclists, skiers, climbers, and hikers alike. From botanical gardens blooming with species to high-spirited locals, the ancient regions are filled with wonder.

A guide to Georgia


Forming the eastern balcony of Europe, Georgia may be a small country, but it’s mighty. Thanks to its artistic heritage, good-natured locals and unique soul, a visit to this beautiful country is unlikely to be your last.

Step back in time


Explore the country’s glorious churches, monasteries and works of art, all testament to historic Georgia’s Eastern Orthodox Christianity influence. Venture to a wooded hillside outside of Kutaisi and experience Gelati Monastery in all its colourful glory. See the brilliant frescoes which decorate the interior of the main cathedral and wander the medieval burial site. Udabno Monastery offers a slightly different experience, set in a series of caves along a dramatic hillside and featuring impressive frescos dating back to the 10th century. If you’re visiting the capital, gaze across Tbilisi’s astounding architecture and pristine parks from the looming Narikala Fortress, an ancient symbol of the city’s defence.

Explore the wild


From rafting down rivers to hiking up the Great Caucasus, Europe’s highest mountain range, Georgia is the ultimate adventure playground. The country is shaped by vast valleys, meadows, lakes and wilderness to roam freely. Make your way to Tusheti and explore the pristine mountain landscape on foot or by horse. Soak up the spectacular views and spot stone shrines and ancient defensive towers on your adventures.

Experience local markets


Away from the serenity of Georgia’s open-wide regions is the warm chatter of its markets. Head to Tbilisi’s Desertirebis Bazari and take your pick of brightly coloured vegetables, fruits, meat and bread, all fresh and Georgian grown. No need for price tags here - the smiling traders have a great sense of humour, making them a pleasure to negotiate with. Don’t leave without sampling Khachapuri, a ridiculously indulgent cheese-filled bread.

Useful information


More than 90 countries and territories are able to visit Georgia without a visa, for stays of up to one year. Check to see if your country is visa-free here. For nationalities needing a visa, these must be obtained online in advance.


Georgia’s currency is the Georgian Lari (GEL). Banknotes come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lari.


Georgia’s official language is Georgian, but English and Russian are also widely spoken.


The climate varies season to season in Georgia, depending when you’re visiting. It’s generally warm and sunny between July - September, with temperatures reaching 32°C on average. Wintertime in eastern Georgia, from January to March, is when temperatures can dip below freezing.

Getting around

Transport options tend to differ between pockets of Georgia. In major cities, you’ll find buses, taxis, bikes and trains offer a convenient and cheap way to travel. There are plenty of places to hire a car too, if you’d prefer to navigate the country’s network of roads.

Airport information

When you book a flight to Georgia with flydubai you can land at Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) or Batumi International Airport (BUS). Both are located conveniently close to the cities, with a multitude of transport links.

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