Welcome to Ashgabat

Vibrant costumes, elaborate jewels and ornate rugs are just some of the treasures that give Turkmenistan its colour.

Nestled between the Kopet Dag mountains and the vast Karakum Desert, Ashgabat reveals the history and culture of this Central Asian country. It’s a hidden travel gem that’s waiting to be explored.

Top things to see and do

  • See the largest hand-woven rug ever made at the Carpet Museum, where you’ll learn about the history and artistry of this ancient Turkmen craft.
  • Spend hours roaming around the colourful Tolkuchka Bazaar, where you may bump into a camel or two as locals barter for a variety of goods.
  • Visit the Earthquake Museum – a moving homage to victims of the devastating earthquake that struck the city of Ashgabat in 1948.
  • Admire the embroidered patterns and intricate designs that characterise traditional Turkmen clothing and jewellery.

Try some Turkmen flat round bread (churek), which tastes best when combined with a hearty soup or broth.

Tips for travellers

Combine sightseeing with an Akhal Teke horseriding tour. The popular breed of horse is Turkmenistan’s national emblem.

Travel ideas

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