North Macedonia travel guide

North Macedonia's identity is a mix of balkan and mediterranean, reflecting Ottoman, Greek and Roman influences. There are so many outdoor activities to be enjoyed in North Macedonia's capital Skopje. Lake Matka is a serene spot where you can breathe in fresh crisp air and enjoy amazing views of the surrounding hills. Go for a swim in the lake or visit the medieval monasteries in Matka Canyon. Also in Skopje, the Old Bazaar is one of the city's most popular attractions. Built by the Ottomans, the bazaar is lined with shops selling leather goods, handicrafts and other traditional items. Sample some local bites and coffee at one of the small cafes in the bazaar before venturing to Kale Fortress. This historic fortress sits on Skopje's highest point and offers beautiful views of the Vardar River.

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With its mix of modern buildings and Ottoman influences, there’s plenty to enjoy in this intriguing little capital

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