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Things to do

Watch the world go by with the locals


Take a walk through picture perfect Imam Square in the late-afternoon as couples and families congregate, and the glinting, blue-tiled minarets cast long shadows over the square and fountains below. Also known as Naqsh-e Jahan Square, this architectural hotspot has deservedly gained UNESCO World Heritage status, as one of the largest squares in the world.

Crane your neck at frescoes galore


Boasting many frescos, ceramics and miniatures, Kakh-e Chehel Sotun not only invites you to take a walk through centuries of stunning artwork, it’s also a delight to behold all of its own. Watch as the elegant palace, fronted by 20 slender wooden columns, comes into view on your approach, and gaze at the clever design that sees the façade reflected in the waters of the fountain opposite. This charming feature gives the landmark its 40 Columns moniker, and is the perfect place for snapping an Instagram-worthy photo or two. Inside, visit the Great Hall and let the artworks within whisk you back to the Safavid era with their portrayal of resplendent royal life and ferocious battles of the time.

Treat yourself at a thousand-year-old market


Of all Iran’s old vibrant bazaars, Bazar-e Bozorg is the most fascinating. This hypnotic tangle of lanes, teahouses and timchehs (domed halls featuring one single specialist trade, such as coppersmiths or carpet makers) can be explored for hours on end, with new surprises uncovered at every turn. Let your senses guide your path as you breathe in an enchanting haze of spices, run your fingertips across the soft rainbow-hued materials and follow the clink of teapots lining the charming crockery stalls.

A guide to Esfahan


There’s so much to see in Esfahan – Iran’s number one tourist destination – that you’ll need to maintain a steady pace throughout if you really want to see it all. From its riveting tales of empires that have swept through the city to its handsome boulevards and vibrantly coloured tiled buildings, Esfahan is a true treat to behold.

Marvel at mosques

You can’t move for UNESCO World Heritage sites in Esfahan. One of the most spectacular is bejewelled sensation Shah Mosque, with not just one, but four grand minarets. Also known as the Royal Mosque, it’s the epitome of Persian architecture and a picture-perfect example of Islamic-era design in Iran. Your jaw will drop as you take in the intensity of the cacophony of colours on display. Opulent golds, soul-stirring Persian blues and bright Turkish azures swirl together to create a fairytale palette against a backdrop of black, white and yellow.

Admire standout structures


You can’t truly comprehend Esfahan’s extensive variety of architecture until you see it in real life. Locals and tourists alike flock to Si-o-se Pol Bridge, a popular hangout and majestic architectural gem. It’s also named Siose Bridge, meaning ‘Bridge of 33 Arches’ which you can count for yourself. Be sure to visit the structure at night, when the illuminated arches take on an otherworldly appearance, reflecting onto the rippling waters they stretch out above.

Picnic in the park


For the utter relaxation and serenity, leave Esfahan’s bustling city centre for the sprawling green Nazhvan Cultural and Recreational Resort on its outskirts. There’s plenty to see here, so make time to see the Birds Garden, Esfahan Aquarium, Butterfly Collection and Reptile House for an alluring and vibrant mix of colourful species. There’s even a museum dedicated to sea shells. If you’d rather spend the day in a blissful, lazy haze, pack a picnic and daydream beneath the trees.

Eat the Esfahan way

Your must-eat Esfahanian dish during your stay in the city is undoubtedly khoresht-e-mast. This sticky yogurt stew is unusual in that it’s not served as a main dish with rice. It’s often made with beef, yoghurt, saffron and sugar, then decorated with almonds and pistachios and is the country’s favourite comfort food.

Useful information


You may need a visa to enter Iran. Be sure to check with the appropriate embassy to find out if you need to apply. Many tourists can get visas on arrival, however applying for your Esfahan visa online makes your border experience smoother.


Iranian rial (IRR) is used in Esfahan. Frequently used notes are: 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000.


Persian is the official language of Iran but there are seven others spoken regionally, including Arabic, Azerbajani, Kurdish, Lori, Mazandarani, Gilaki and Balochi.


The weather in Baghdad is warm for most of the year, with average temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C outside the winter months. Temperatures peak at around 44°C in July, with lows of 4°C in January.

Getting around

Frequent buses are an easy way to get around - simply pay the driver directly or purchase a multi-journey contactless card at designated bus stops. Alternatively, flag down a taxi - you’ll find them waiting around inner Esfahan. Just be sure to agree your fare with the driver before you set off.

Airport information

Esfahan International Airport (IFN, also known as Shahid Beheshti Airport) is a 40-minute drive from downtown Esfahan, around 30 km north-east of the city. Taxis are available from a stand outside the airport building or you can arrange a private transfer.

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