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AlUla is an ancient oasis city nestled in the Medina province of north-western Saudi Arabia. With fresh desert air and clear skies, AlUla is a spectacularly preserved cultural and historical place that 200,000 years ago served as a meeting place for pilgrims, merchants, and explorers.

Top things to see and do

  • Take in the incredible view of the sunset behind Elephant Rock. The 50-meter-high monolith was carved by millions of years of wind and water erosion. It is locally known as Jabal Alfil and is set against a spectacular landscape of golden sands.
  • Uncover countless stories at Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra often referred to as an open-air museum. An archaeological wonderland, find preserved Nabataean tombs that date back to the first century BCE.
  • Stroll through the Old Town and walk along the brick houses, shops and rahbas and step back in time to the ancient civilization.
  • Take a horseback ride across the dunes and cross across the canyons and oases to arrive at the spectacular Maraya. Maraya is the largest mirrored building in the world that reflects the beauty of the desert and mountains.
  • Visit the Sharaan Nature Reserve and meet the local wildlife, such as the red-necked ostriches, eagles, Idmi gazelles and Arabian leopards that roam around the vast plains.

With a diverse and rich culinary scene, find a variety of casual and fine dining options in AlUla, which includes Arabic, Asian and French cuisine. Be sure to try the citrus fruits, dates, and other delights of AlUla origin.

Tips for travellers

Take a day trip to one of the natural wonders of northwest Arabia and a geological treasure, Khaybar. The city was formed from desert volcanic activity and is home to an unforgettable landscape. Discover the heritage, legacy, and legendary stories of the sister oasis of AlUla.

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