Saudi Arabia's rich history can be appreciated through its many historical religious and cultural sites. In Madinah, visit Al Masjid An-Nabawi (Prophet's Mosque) which was built in 622 by the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and is a site of great significance in Islam. To learn about Saudi Arabia's heritage, visit the National Museum in Riyadh where you'll be able to see antiquities from the country's ancient time, pre-Islamic era and Arabian history. The museum's galleries also display an impressive collection of artworks.

Abha - 1
Abha Find out more
Escape the heat and get back to nature in this picturesque provincial capital
Dammam Discover Dammam Find out more
Wander along the Corniche and embrace the outdoors in this provincial capital by the sea
Gassim Discover Gassim Find out more
Explore enchanting desert cities and visit a camel market in this central Saudi Arabian province
Gizan Discover Gizan Find out more
The ‘fruit basket’ of Saudi Arabia offers a warm welcome
Ha'il Discover Ha'il Find out more
Explore the roots of Arabian civilisation in a modern oasis
Hofuf Discover Hofuf Find out more
Unwind as you arrive at this fascinating, relaxing oasis in the Arabian desert
Jeddah Discover Jeddah Find out more
Go scuba diving and watch stunning sunsets in this thriving coastal city
Madinah Discover Madinah Find out more
Learn about Islam’s second holiest city, Madinah
Riyadh Discover Riyadh Find out more
Old customs mingle with new beneath the 21st century skyline of Saudi Arabia’s capital city
Tabuk Discover Tabuk Find out more
Experience the rich archaeological wonders and modern amenities of this north-west Saudi Arabian city
Taif Discover Taif Find out more
Beautiful scenery, a fresh, temperate climate and lush crops of roses, figs, grapes and honey are all on offer in Ta’if

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