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Smell the sweet scent of olive trees in the air as you explore the cultural heritage and impressive landmarks of one of Saudi Arabia’s most intriguing regions.

Top things to see and do in Jouf

  • Zubal Castle is the setting for a number of legends, with locals telling stories about its immense strength against invaders. Once you’ve explored the castle’s rooms, wander to the nearby Sisrah Well, named after a famed military commander.
  • Sakaka City is the administrative centre of Jouf and the largest town in the region. Well worth a visit, it is home to thousands of olive trees and palm groves as well as various historical and archaeological sites.
  • Known as ‘the men’ in local Saudi dialect, the stone columns of Rjajeel are believed to date back to the 4th century BC. A number of the columns feature unknown inscriptions.
  • Bird lovers flock to the Hurrat Al Hurrah Reserve where you can spot a wide range of migratory birds who have flown south in search of warmer climes.
  • Experience a different way of life in the ancient Kaf Village. All the houses are made from mud with tamarisk and palm branch roofs. There are also a number of sulphur springs which were used to irrigate nearby palm tree farms. Today people travel to the springs to treat skin problems.
  • Learn more about the history and culture of the local area at the Al Jouf Museum. Artefacts, books and paintings tell the region’s story from the pre-Islamic era right after the Stone Age up to the unification of the kingdom and the beginning of the first Saudi state.

Tips for travellers

Head out to the stunning golden sands of the Nufud Desert where you can try your hand at a range of adrenaline-packed activities including sand surfing, camel rides and 4x4 car racing.

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