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Set in lush oases surrounded by picturesque mountains, with bustling markets and traditional mud-brick architecture, Nejran is one of the most unique spots in Saudi Arabia.

And with an old town dating back thousands of years as well as bright, modern shopping malls, it's a true city of contrasts that has something to satisfy all who visit.

Top things to see and do in Nejran

  • Explore Nejran Fort, a stunning structure just outside the city centre that was built entirely from mud bricks in 1942. Inside there are some 60 rooms to discover, including a mosque and an ancient well, while the intricately carved entrance is a sight in itself.
  • Whether it's the traditional dress or the perfectly preserved houses, the past is always present in modern-day Nejran. Go back in time and learn the fascinating story of this historic place at the Museum of Antiquities and Heritage. There are fragments of pottery bearing inscriptions from pre-Islamic times.
  • Coffee, dates and local arts and crafts are just some of the things on offer at the local markets. You can also soak up the atmosphere at the more specialised markets selling everything from cattle to textiles.
  • Get an authentic insight into local life and an experience you won't forget in a hurry at a traditional camel race, a sport popular all over the Middle East.
  • Sample some of the regional delicacies served up in the local restaurants and by street-food vendors. A banana and pastry dish called ma'soob comes highly recommended.

Tips for travellers

Just outside the city itself lies Okhdood, one of the key historical sites of Saudi Arabia. Lose yourself in the stone castle and follow the 235-metre-long wall that encircles it.

There are also carvings and inscriptions on some of the stone surfaces to admire, which are estimated to be around 2,000 years old.

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