flydubai recommends: global dishes worth travelling for

In the last 10 years, more and more cities have been embracing cuisines from all corners of the globe. But while replica versions can be superb, they’re nothing compared to an authentic experience in a dish’s country of origin. We’ve tracked down five mouth-watering dishes which are worth trekking the globe for. Grab a fork and dig in.

Masala Dosa – India


What is it? A crispy, thin bread (similar to a crepe or pancake) made from rice and lentils. The fragrant dish is often filled with lightly spiced potatoes and onions and served with a variety of chutneys and a traditional lentil stew (sambar).

Where is it found? Dosas are most popular in South India, but you can grab one in plenty of places around the country. How it’s served varies from city to city, but whichever way you have it – with filling or without, rolled up or served flat– it’s worth booking a flight to one of our destination in India just to try one.

Pirozhki – Russia


What is it? Literally meaning a ‘small pie’, pirozhki are little buns stuffed with tasty fillings. Think meat, potatoes, onions, boiled eggs and cabbage. You might even find a sweet one filled with fruit, jam or cheese.

Where is it found? Russians are big fans of pirozhki, but you’ll also find them dotted around eastern Europe. Greece deep-fries them, Latvia crams them with bacon and the Azerbaijan variant involves cream galore.

Kabsa – Saudi Arabia


What is it? A fragrant meat and rice dish that features a blend of spices to create a wonderful flavour. Kabsa can vary, but tends to be cooked up using saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, nutmeg, cloves and black lime, along with a cut of meat. It’s usually finished with a drizzle of homemade tomato sauce (Dakkous).

Where is it found? This Middle Eastern eat is commonly referred to as the national dish of Saudi Arabia, where it originates. But you can also discover this hearty meal in countries such as Yemen, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Molokhia – Egypt


What is it? Hailing from ancient Egypt, the dish is made up from leaves of the same name, which are slightly bitter. When boiled they create a thick broth which is infused with ground coriander, garlic and stock and traditionally served with chicken or rabbit.

Where is it found? Naturally, Egypt is the best place to try authentic Molokhia (where it’s considered the national dish by many), but the unique green soup is also served up throughout Africa and the Middle East.

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