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The best of Georgian cuisine

As a traveller to Georgia you will not only enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the Caucasus but will also fall in love with the country's unique cuisine. Infused with aromatic herbs and generous use of spices, Georgia's culinary menu features some of the tastiest locally grown produce you will find anywhere on the globe. Dominated by cheese, bread and herbs, Georgian cusine is divine, so much so that you shall never find a dish you won't like. If you are planning on a trip to this beautiful haven, check out our list of the most delicious Georgian dishes you must try on your visit.

Here is a list of delicious dishes to indulge in when you're in Georgia:

Georgian Cuisine


If you love dumplings, you’ve got another great reason to fly to Georgia. A favourite among locals, especially at dinner parties are Khinkalis. These are delicious dumplings filled with meat as well as broth. Khinkalis are a sort of hybrid dish, a mix of Russian dumpling and Chinese soup dumpling.

The unique addition of broth gives them a distinct flavor and demands that you eat them by hand, relishing the broth first. If you're a vegetarian, you can ask for potato or mushroom stuffed Khinkalis.

Traditional Khinkali - Georgian Cuisine Traditional khinkali
Black Khinkali - Georgian Cuisine Black khinkali
Fried Khinkali - Georgian Cuisine Fried khinkali


Georgians bake great corn breads, too, which they call Chvishtari. Stuffed with cheese, they make for a great snack when you're on the move. Locals also love them as finger food. These breads are stuffed with different kinds of cheese and the best way to eat them is to first cut the bread into pieces and then dip them into the cheese stuffing.

Corn Breads - Chvishtari


Kharcho is a soulful beef and rice soup cooked in tomato broth and brewed in rich herbs and spices. This is a traditional Georgian soup that is made using beef or lamb, rice, cherry plum puree and chopped walnuts. Granished with fresh coriander, Kharcho is one of the most satisfying soups.

Beef and Rice Soup - Kharcho


Khachapuri is a famous Georgian cheese bread. The iconic bread-dish comes from 2 Georgian words ‘Khacha’ meaning ‘cottage cheese’ and 'Puri' meaning ‘bread’. Khachapuri is a scrumptious, gooey, cheese-stuffed flatbread which looks like an open cheese pie. It comes in almost a dozen of varieties. Each region has its own variation. Made with salty Sulguni cheese, traditional Khachapuri is a favourite of the Georgians. The most indulgent of all is Adjarian khachapuri: which is shaped like a boat, with a hollow in the centre. It is filled with an egg, cheese and dollops of butter, before it is set to bake in an oven.

The best way to savour this delicacy is to break off a chunk of the bread, swirl it in the molten gold egg and cheese filling, and then bite into the deliciousness.


A simple yet heartening chicken dish made with rich tomato gravy, healthy vegetables and fresh herbs, Chakhokhbili is simmered in its own broth without using liquid, hence it gives out a distinct flavour. Chakhokhbili was traditionally made with pheasant (a kind of bird) but these days chicken is used instead.

chicken dish - Chakhokhbili


Salads are an important staple of Georgian cuisine. The most basic version sees cucumbers and tomatoes chopped and thrown in together. Sometimes it also includes cheese, while at other times you can expect it to come with a walnut sauce dressing.

Salad Phali - Georgian Cuisine Phali
Jonjoli - Georgian Cuisine Jonjoli
Green Salad - Georgian Cuisine Green salad

Badrijani Nigvzit

A delicious appetizer of the Caucasus, Badrijani Nigvzit is Georgia's famous eggplant rolls stuffed with a mixture of walnuts, herbs and garlic. Topped with pomegranate seeds, Badrijani Nigvzit is a refreshing savory with an interesting blend of ingredients and flavours. It is usually fried, however, you can also ask the restaurant to grill them instead.



Stalin's most loved dish, Chakapuli, is yet another famous delicacy of Georgia. It is a hearty broth preparation that uses aromatic flavours and rich spices. Traditionally an Easter delicacy, this Georgian stew is made using meat, sour plums, garlic and herbs. A perfect food for the soul.

Chakapuli - Georgian Cuisine


You cannot leave the country without tasting these. You will often see Churchkhelas hanging in small stalls across the streets. A favourite snack of the Georgians, Churchkhela may look like candies at the first glimpse. But they are actually made by dipping long strings of walnuts in grape juice syrup. It comes in a variety of colours and tastes as appetizing as it looks.

Churchkhela - Georgian Cuisine

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