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It’s about time that you take that well-deserved and much-needed mid-year break. Whether you want to relax and disconnect from the world, go on an exciting adventure, or simply spend some quality time with your loved ones.


Take your pick from exploring breathtaking nature trails, discovering local culinary scene or simply spoiling yourself at some of the world’s most soulful spas.

We've selected 4 unmatched experiences from across the globe that will inspire you to plan your trip and book your flights with flydubai.

For the adventure seekers: hiking in Czech Republic


Located in Bohemia, a 2.5-hour drive from Prague, the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks is part of a national nature reserve and make for a gorgeous hiking destination. What's more, you don’t have to be a pro trekker to fully enjoy this outdoor experience.


Explore the impressive sandstone formations as part of your trail, breath in the fresh air as you walk among the trees, and feel your heart skip a beat on hearing the gushing waterfalls along the way.


If you are after a more adrenaline pumping experience, try your hand at rock climbing which is very popular in the area. Make sure you consider the 50 metre rock tower called 'Skalní koruna' which offers the ultimate climbing challenge in the area. You might be lucky to witness a more extreme type of sport known as rock jumping practiced by more experienced climbers.


For a more laid-back experience, take a paddle boat across Adršpach lake and enjoy the magnificent scenery of this nature reserve.

Czech Republic sunset Adrspach Teplice

For gastronomes: go on a food hopping tour in Beirut

It is said the best way to explore a place is not on foot but through its food. This especially holds true for a gastronomic paradise such as Beirut. Considered as a top international food destination by many, it is where you will find your quest for outstanding cuisine culminate into one grand affair.


Begin your day by walking down the city’s pretty lanes to queue up at the local bakeries in good time for Manakish. You will find yourself especially tempted by the aroma of Cheese Manakish as generous portions of cheese melt to become one with the rising dough; we recommend you savour it in seconds while it's still hot, for a delicious start to your day.


Over the course of the day, head to Socrate to sample some drool-worthy Beiruti spread of mezze or appetizers consisting of hummus, tabouleh, fattoush and more. You will discover that the establishment's guarded recipes translate into flavourful versions like no other.


But if you really want to embark on a culinary journey, then head to Babel Bay. Indulging in the unique menu that's served by the waterfront is all you need for an immersive culinary therapy, which includes some of the best food in the city.


End your Beiruti food adventure by digging into Knafeh, a dessert served fresh out of the oven. Made with sesame-infused bread and glazed with rosewater-infused sugar syrup, bite into this decadent treat to discover what molten cheese can do to elevate your dessert.

Lebanese cuisine

For the culture curious: explore the cafés in Vienna

There is something beautiful about al fresco dining restaurants and cafés in romantic European cities, especially if that city happens to be Vienna. These holidays, escape to find yourself sipping on a warm cup of Viennese coffee at such charming, quaint cafés.


Almost every lane in Vienna that you walk past will lure you with the irresistible aroma of Melange coffee. And as you finally give in and enter these cafes, you’ll realise people here love to extend their coffee visits. Find yourself a cosy corner in one of the rustic cafes, open up a good book, and spend your entire day reading, lazying, and absorbing the ambience.


Vienna’s cafés are also one of the best places to experience the local culture in full glory. It’s where you’II discover why some of the world’s greatest legends felt at home in the city cafes. At Café Central, which was once frequented by Sigmund Freud, Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin, you can expect a generous dose of trivia. Head to Café Frauenhuber, yet another iconic coffeehouse, to learn about times when Mozart and Beethoven played music for the guests there.


Lastly, make a trip to Café Landtmann, which has hosted the likes of Hillary Clinton, Paul McCartney and Marlene Dietrich, and order the popular Wiener Melange. The barista will be happy to tell you how it's prepared – by filling the cup halfway with coffee, then topping it with hot frothy milk, – before it arrives on your table along with a dollop of foamed milk. The best way to enjoy your coffee in Vienna is with Apple Strudel on the side.

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Vienna Palmenhouse

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