Welcome to Hofuf

Quite literally an oasis of culture and tradition beneath two million palm trees, Hofuf offers natural wonders, history and artisan crafts.

There's plenty to explore, both ancient and modern, in and around this fascinating desert city.

Top things to do and see

  • Shop at Al-Ahsa Mall, the best retail centre in the Eastern region for luxury goods
  • Receive a warm welcome from friendly farmers at the camel market – you may be lucky enough to see a livestock auction
  • Take home an Arab coffee pot from one of the little artisan shops – Hofuf is famous for its brass coffee pots
  • If it's gold and jewellery you’re looking for, go to the old souk, the Qaisariah, for a glittering selection
  • Head 13km east to the Al-Qara mountains with the natural wonders of the Ali Baba Caves, a labyrinthine sandstone cave system that inspired the Thousand and One Nights story
  • Just over an hour's drive east takes you to Al-Uqair, a traditional port and beach with turquoise waters safe for swimming
  • Book nowSample some sweet local dates – Hofuf produces 500,000 tons of them a year
  • Take in Hofuf's distinctive architecture – the 17th century Old Fort, the souk gate and the

Tips for travellers

If you want to relax in an oasis environment among the date palms, rent a mazra (farmhouse) with a private swimming pool. Book your trip to Hofuf now

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