Summer beach getaways with flydubai

From the beautiful tropical beaches of Zanzibar to the glorious sandy shores of Dubai, adventure and relaxation alike are calling you this summer. Take a break from the stresses and cares of everyday life to enjoy all the opportunities that these fantastic locations have to offer.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai ranks as the country's foremost commercial centre, a city whose skyline is constantly being upgraded with new developments providing the infrastructure and facilities needed for a progressive society, including world-class hotels, shopping plazas and outstanding sports facilities.

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As far as beaches go, Dubai has some of the world's best, along with numerous waterfront amusement parks and seaside entertainment facilities to suit all ages. It’s easy to see why Dubai is considered a beach lover's paradise and anyone who visits the city has to spend at least a day on it’s stunning sandy beaches.

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Zanzibar, Tanzania

With 25 beaches of white sand bordering the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is a fantastic site for a beach vacation. Travellers who prefer to relax on the beach and enjoy nature can simply soak in the sunlight and take advantage of the archipelago's snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, which allow you to see beautiful coral reefs and hundreds of marine species.


If you prefer to take in some of Zanzibar's cultural opportunities, be sure to visit Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with twisting, cobbled streets that take you through the living history of the country. Visitors may also enjoy Darajani Market, which offers all sorts of handmade goods as well as a variety of fruits, vegetables and meat.

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For more information make sure you read our Zanzibar Destination Guide.

Salalah, Oman

Naturalists, history buffs and bargain hunters can all find something to love in Salalah. The diversity of sites such as the ancient city of Sumharum will ensure you have a unique experience and a peek into Oman's historical past.

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The combination of climates and geographic areas, with sand dunes, lush green mountains and scenic beaches, provide you with wonderful opportunities to hike, explore or sunbathe. If you want a souvenir, nearby Al Hafah Souq boasts that it has the best incense in all of Oman as well as jewelry and traditional textiles.

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