Summer fun for your family in Catania

Take a step back in time and visit the old-world Italian city of Catania. Located in Sicily, this is the ideal travel destination for a fun-filled summer holiday with your family. With its historical sites, natural wonders, and fun beaches, this laid-back city is an ideal place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

With a history that dates back almost 3,000 years, Catania is a blend of many cultural legacies, including that of the Romans, the Arabs and the Normans. To help you plan your family holiday, here are some places we've shortlisted for you.

Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo l’Arena

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is one of the most famous monasteries in Europe. This 16th-century structure is a fine example of the elegant Sicilian Baroque style of architecture. The stunning cloister and roof garden are especially noteworthy in their construction.


Opt for a guided tour of the Benedictine Monastery to learn more about this place. This is a fun outing for children, as it offers story-telling and creative workshops. Other events at the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo l’Arena include theatre performances and music shows.

Palazzo Biscari

Situated in the heart of Catania, this 17th-century building is currently home to the royal Biscari family of Italy. The Palazzo Biscari offers a magnificent view of the famous Archi Della Marina.


The stately structure of the Palazzo Biscari will amaze you. It houses seven hundred rooms with pristine marble floors, grand crystal chandeliers and beautiful frescoes. One of the main highlights of this palace is the staircase which is designed like a cloud rising into the sky.

The unique architecture of this palace is truly mesmerising. Its elegance has even earned it a mention in Wolfgang Goethe’s famed work ‘Italian Journey’.

Mount Etna


Your visit to Catania is incomplete without a stop by the spectacular Mount Etna. One of the world’s most famous volcanoes, Mount Etna is best visited in the summer.

Take a guided nature walk in the coniferous woods that surround the volcano. Trekking trails wind around the pretty Park of Etna. The dense forests are home to several species of birds, so keep your camera ready to snap some amazing shots. You can spot peregrine falcons, golden eagles, red woodpeckers, wheatears, buzzards and many more species of avian life that thrive in this undisturbed ecosystem.

San Giovanni Li Cuti Beach 


One of the city’s most popular recreation spots, the beach of San Giovanni Li Cuti is the perfect spot to relax with your family. You can spend the day frolicking in the sand or head out for a boat ride. Or participate in one of the water-sport competitions frequently held here. The beach is well-equipped with changing rooms, cafes and walkways.

The best part is that this is one of Catania’s quieter beaches, while still being easily accessible from its central station.

Catanese Open-Arena Cinemas


This is one of Catania’s most unique outdoor experiences. A tourist attraction that is open only in the summer, this Sicilian cinema programme projects films on a large cloth screen. Visitors can sit in jasmine-scented courtyards and enjoy a laid-back evening.

Catania’s open-arena cinema-viewing experience is extremely popular among the locals, too. This is one activity you can enjoy with your family while socialising with the Catanese people.

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