Waterfalls to bridges – Bosnia’s most beautiful places

Tucked away in the Balkan Peninsula of south-eastern Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich with architectural and natural beauty. Despite a chequered history, this beautiful destination is a rich cultural tapestry, with an array of impressive sights to explore.

Venture to the countryside to discover rugged mountain landscapes and glorious turquoise rivers, or head into the cities, boasting a unique blend of religious buildings and medieval relics.

Step into the Bosnian sunshine and feast your eyes on these breathtaking sights.

Jajce Waterfall


Make your way into the heart of Jajce to discover a beautiful waterfall, flowing where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas. Standing at an impressive 21-metres high, the cascading torrents are both dramatic and picturesque.

For a more secluded viewpoint away from the crowds, venture down through the pinewoods. Once you’ve admired the glittering waters, there’s plenty more to see, from 17th-century mills to the ancient ruins of a temple.

Since this beautiful town is located on the crossroads between all the main cities, it makes for a perfect first stop. Flying into Sarajevo, travel north-west to begin your adventure.

Stari Most, Mostar

Stari Most - Mostar

Stari Most is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s true treasures and a must-see while visiting the country. The iconic Ottoman bridge in Mostar is precious to the Bosnian people – so much so, it was painstakingly rebuilt after its destruction in the 1990s.

The new bridge is a convincing replica in ashen stone and still one of Bosnia’s most recognisable views. As well as admiring beautiful sunsets, you can witness traditional thrills and spills – locals dive from great heights into the water, to baited breath and cheers.


Blagaj - Bosnia and Herzegovina

To experience natural beauty side-by-side with stunning Ottoman architecture in one place, there’s no better destination than Blagaj.

The centrepiece of this haven is the centuries-old Dervish monastery, set against a cliff face, overlooking the stunning turquoise waters of the Buna spring. To this day, the holy building is owned by the Naqshbandi order. When venturing inside, you’ll find all the serenity of an ancient prayer site.

This idyllic spot is situated near Mostar – just two hours from Sarajevo by hire car.


Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge

To kick off your visit to Višegrad in style, arrive by boat, soaking in the majesty of the 180-metre bridge.

This beautiful town is surrounded by the deep-cut river canyons and sloping forests of southern Bosnia. Famous for its architectural beauty, Višegrad is a site of rich cultural heritage, suiting everyone from literature lovers to seekers of stunning scenery.


Kravice Waterfalls - Bosnia

Cameras at the ready - the Kravice Waterfalls are a nirvana for keen photographers, showcasing the best of Bosnian beauty. The remote waterfalls are tucked away in forested Herzegovina, where water chutes sprawl above the treetops.

You’ll feel a million miles from home as you swim in the deep blue lake. Relaxing, unspoilt and easy to reach by tour, car hire or taxi, this slice of paradise is perfect if you want to escape the city.

With weather ranging from Mediterranean to continental, Bosnia’s best beauty sites can be seen year-round. Book a flight with flydubai to begin your journey through this charming land.

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