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Markets, museums and a history in the making – the Afghani capital of Kabul is as engaging as it is elusive. On the banks of the Kabul River, the city boasts a range of museums and monuments, and it’s also an ideal base for exploring dramatic landscapes further afield.

At the time of writing, there was still unrest in Afghanistan. Please check with your embassy to find out about any warnings and restrictions before you travel.

Top things to see and do in Kabul

  • Find tranquillity and greenery in Babur’s Garden, the biggest and most beautiful public park in Kabul
  • Step to the sounds of birds humming as you squeeze through the narrow laneways of the Ka Farushi bird market
  • See the ancient Kabul city walls at Bala Hissar, where the palaces of Afghan rulers once stood
  • Search for fruits, fabrics and souvenirs in the city’s colourful – and at times chaotic – bazaars
  • Admire the works of modern Afghani artists at the National Gallery of Afghanistan

Tips for travellers

For a slightly greener outlook, head east to the city of Jalalabad at the base of the Safed Koh Mountains – only a few hours by bus from Kabul.

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