An architectural tour of the Czech Republic

Book flights to the Czech Republic with flydubai and open the door to centuries worth of fantastic architecture. Tucked away in central Europe, this hidden gem is home to a treasure trove of impressive gothic architecture, ornate castles and awe-inspiring chateaux, all primed for exploration.

Uncover the riches hidden within this beautiful country and begin your architectural tour of the Czech Republic. To help you on your journey of discovery, we’ve found some must-see sights for you to take in along the way.

Mala Strana - Prague

St Nicholas Church

Wander through the Mala Strana section of Prague and you’ll find there’s one beautiful building that particularly stands out from the rest. The St Nicholas Church dominates the skyline with its huge green domes and eye-catching golden-hued exterior. Head inside for some of the finest examples of Baroque architecture found anywhere in Europe. The walls are brought to life by vivid depictions of biblical scenes, and your eyes will inevitably be drawn upwards as you explore this beautiful church. As you look up, keep an eye out for Johan Kracker’s 1770 Apotheosis of St Nicholas, Europe’s biggest fresco, and not one you’ll want to miss.

Kinsky Palace

Sitting pretty at the head of Prague’s Old Town Square is the unmissable Kinsky Palace. A lavish feat of late Baroque architecture, this beautiful building appears to be adorned in delicate frills and bows. It’s now home to the National Gallery and plays host to a number of ancient and oriental art collections to peruse throughout the year.

Municipal House

Municipal House - Czech Republic

Recently restored and decadently ambitious, the Municipal House is a must for your architectural tour of the Czech Republic. A triumph of art-nouveau design, this building features gorgeous swooping pillars and an artistic detail that adds to the overall opulent style, creating a feast for the eyes. Head inside to see the iconic Smetana Hall, Prague’s biggest concert hall. This vast space has played host to word famous musicians since its founding in 1912 and visitors can take a guided tour to learn a little more about its fantastic heritage.

Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

Among the most visited sights in Prague is the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock. The intricately designed timepiece was created over 600 years ago and is one of the most mesmerising instruments in the world. The Clock is affixed to the architecturally impressive Old Town Hall, a bizarrely designed structure that has to be seen to be believed. The hall dates back to the 12th century and comprises a range of different architectural styles, including an impressive gothic tower.

With a rich tapestry of history, the Czech Republic is the ideal place to discover a treasure trove of architectural triumphs. Visit this vibrant country and book your flights to Prague with flydubai to discover it all for yourself.

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