Czech Republic travel guide

The Czech Republic's capital Prague combines a mix of history, romance and urban energy. A stroll along the iconic Charles Bridge offers the perfect opportunity to take in Prague's beautiful renaissance and baroque architecture, while the old town is dotted with modern cafes and restaurants serving up delicious Czech cuisine. Visit Prague Castle for a walk down the Republic's history. Within the castle, you can admire some of the country's most treasured artworks. Indeed, the people of Prague have for hundreds of years, exhibited a great appreciation of the arts. This contributed to music composer Mozart's success when he debuted his opera "The marriage to Figaro" in Prague to an enthusiastic audience. A two hour drive from Prague transports you to Karlovy Vary, in Western Bohemia. The spa town is famous for its thermal springs that promote health and well being.

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Prague is a magical city of ancient castles, cobbled streets, and stunning architecture, known for its rich history, and Bohemian charm

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