Discover Croatia this autumn

Croatia might not immediately spring to mind when you think of travelling during the autumn season, yet it's a wonderful destination to visit from September through to November. Nestled on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia enjoys mild temperatures during these months, and the waters are still warm enough to swim in. Hotels are less crowded in the autumn and you'll find prices beginning to decline as the tourist numbers dwindle. Plan your Croatian holiday this autumn so that you have enough time to explore Croatia’s beautiful cities as well as its stunning islands.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb - Croatia's energetic capital - has plenty for you to do during the autumn. Check out the Zagreb Theatre Festival in September to enjoy modern and classic works in venues throughout the city. There's also the Zagreb Film Festival in October, where you can watch films from local and international directors. Foodies can enjoy Restaurant Week, during which local chefs are known for getting creative and restaurants offer special menus.


Admire the bright autumn foliage and historic architecture in the Upper Town area, and be sure to visit the unusual Museum of Broken Relationships on Cirilometodska 2.

Direct flights from Dubai to Zagreb Airport run fairly regularly at around three times a week. You can check the latest dates and availability information by using flydubai Flight Search

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, in the southern part of the country, has a lively Wine and Jazz Festival in September during which visitors are serenaded by local musicians. While there are no direct flights from Dubai to the city, there are flights with layovers available every day on average. No visit to this city is complete without a stop at its famous city walls, where you can view the shimmering Adriatic Sea and the city's Old Town area in all its splendor.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Split, Croatia

On the Dalmatian Coast lies the town of Split, which hosts the Split Film Festival in September - a festival dedicated to avant-garde and revolutionary cinema artists. The bright-walled Diocletian's Palace takes up a large portion of the town and is a must-see. The palace once belonged to Roman Emperor Diocletian 3. Today, there are many restaurants, bars and cafes within the grounds of the palace. You could easily spend hours walking through its narrow roads as you stumble upon small shops and hotspots popular with the locals. As with Dubrovnik, there are no direct routes to Split, but flights with stops are available daily from Dubai.

Split Croatia

Varazdin, Croatia

Once the capital of Croatia, Varazdin is known for its stunning and preserved examples of baroque architecture. It is situated near Zagreb Airport. The city hosts Baroque Evenings in theaters and churches throughout September, during a festival dedicated to the baroque music style. Check out the Old Castle near the city center for impressive autumn landscapes.

Varazdin Croatia

Istria, Croatia

Istria, the Adriatic Sea's largest peninsula, is known worldwide for its white and black truffles. Pula Airport is located here, and flights with stops from Dubai are available weekly. During October, take part in Truffle Days - a festival dedicated to the popular delicacy. Most of the activity is centered in the Village of Livade, and you'll find truffles available at a fraction of the prices you'd normally pay elsewhere. Istria has a historic Old Town area filled with shops and local food, and its waterfront Kamenjak National Park is a rainbow of colors in November.


On the east part of Istria, you'll find the resort town of Lovran. In October, the town holds the autumn celebration Chestnut Festival, which is dedicated to a locally harvested chestnut known as "marun." There are local dances and live music performances as well as a chance to sample many dishes made from this light, sweet chestnut.

Biograd na Moru, Croatia

The City of Biograd na Moru is the site of the famous Biograd Boat Show, which is ideal for those interested in sailing and the latest nautical developments and trends. Daily flights from Dubai to Zadar Airport in Biograd na Moru are available with stops. Head to the Regional museum (Zavicajni Muzej) Biograd Na Moru on Obala Kralja Petra Kresimira street, and get in some horseback riding at the Konjicki Klub Vencel on Dr. F. Tudmana street. Complete your day by sampling local and international dishes at Dupin on Setaliste Bosana Bb street, and indulge your sweet-tooth at Slasticarnica Cabala-Patisserie. This bakery on Kralja Petra Kresimira IV br. 19 street offers delicious homemade cakes.

Biograd Croatia

Punat, Croatia

Plan a visit to Punat, which is located on the western Croatian Island of Krk. This town is served by the Rijeka Airport, but there are few flights from Dubai. You could fly into Zagreb and drive roughly 200 kilometres to get there. October marks the crop harvest season in Punat with many types of olives and olive products available for you to try. For a walk down Punat’s history, check out the Chapel of St. Peter Remains. You can also enjoy views of the city’s architecture here.

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