The beautiful natural sights of Poland

Home to humbling wartime sites, Poland is often seen as one of the world’s best historic destinations. However, there is another side to this Slavic nation awaiting to be discovered. Wild landscapes and idyllic towns sweep over the country, offering an unsung escape right at the heart of Europe. From snow-capped mountains to herds of wild horses, there’s a whole world of natural beauty to be discovered in Poland.

Tatra National Park


Buried under a thick blanket of snow in the winter months, Tatra National Park comes into bloom during spring. Vibrant purple crocuses paint the undulating landscape, while sapphire-blue lakes glisten in the folds of the alpine hills. Hike up the craggy peak of Rysy mountain – the highest in the country – towering 2,500 metres above the ground, or jump on the retro 1930s cable car and soar up the mountainside to the summit of Mount Kasprowy and admire the stunning natural views.

Białowieża Forest


One of the last remaining vestiges of untouched woodland in Europe, Białowieża Forest is a leafy oasis which stretches over the border between Poland and Belarus. Rays of golden sunlight break through the dense leaves, illuminating the mossy undergrowth and babbling brooks below. Herds of European bison lumber across the wild lands, while lynx and wolves slink out under the cover of darkness.


Adventurers can explore the forest on bike or foot, touring the public trails of the area. If you’re a nature lover, visit Białowieża National Park in the heart of the forest to explore the enchanting wilderness of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and come face-to-face with the native bison population.

The city of Malbork


Celebrated for its medieval roots, Malbork is a quiet northern town nestled in the curve of the Nogat river. Malbork Castle is the main attraction in this rural setting, commanding the attention of all who visit with its ornate windows, picture-book turrets and red-brick façade which almost seems to glow in the evening sun. Thought to be the largest castle in the world, put plenty of time aside to explore this Gothic masterpiece in all its glory. Afterwards, call by the museum to find out more about its long and fascinating history, dating way back to the 13th century.

Bieszczady Mountains


Flourishing along the south-east border of Poland, the seemingly-boundless Bieszczady Mountains are home to an awe-inspiring collection of scenic hikes and bike trails. One popular picnic spot is in the Sine Wiry nature reserve, where you can relax by the foaming white waters of the Wetlina River. For panoramic views, hike up the peak of Tarnica and watch the long grass swaying in the breeze, rippling over the hillside, while wild Carpathian horses graze in the valleys below.

Soak up the natural beauty of Poland, travelling between trendy urban pockets and sweeping country landscapes for a perfectly balanced trip.

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