Wonders of the natural world

From lush tropical rainforest and serene turquoise waters to mystical ancient caves, all corners of the globe boast eye-popping spectacles that showcase some of Mother Nature’s best work.

Whether seeing the world’s iconic wonders is on your bucket list or you’re looking for impressive and unique holiday ideas, these seven natural sites are sure to leave you awestruck.

To embark on the trip of a lifetime, take a walk through these majestic spots.

Mount Everest, Nepal


Conquering the highest mountain on earth is the best way to explore Nepal. This is the ultimate natural wonder, reaching higher to the heavens than any other peak on the planet. Follow in the footsteps of pioneering explorers, experiencing the spell of Mount Everest first hand. Look down on monasteries, monuments and wildlife far below while trekking to the popular Everest Base Camp.

Northern Lights, Finland


The mesmerising Northern Lights are a dazzling spectacle, casting a blend of pink, green and blue lights dancing across the night sky. Visible for 200 nights of the year in Finland, this unique natural phenomenon is one to be savoured. To bask in the celestial mystery of the Aurora Borealis, either go cross-country skiing or simply lay back under the stars and marvel at their natural wonder.

Pamukkale, Türkiye

Created from springs high above the town, Pamukkale, the Cotton Palace stuns with its mineral-rich white travertine terraces and is Türkiye's most visited attraction. Surreal and alien-like, the dramatic ridges are spread among temples, bath houses and the winding ancient ruins of a spa city necropolis. Go here to bathe in the waters or simply soak up the views.

Dead Sea, Jordan


Make a pilgrimage to this ancient salt lake, the lowest point on earth, and experience the otherworldly surroundings. Striking aquamarine waters lap at the sandy shore, surrounded by desert and mountains. Bathe in the Dead Sea and float effortlessly on the surface thanks to this natural phenomenon. Not only are the waters buoyant and rich with historical legend, the views are also heavenly.

Sundarbans, India

Head into the wild with a trip to the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest stretching from India to Bangladesh. Serene waterways, lush forest and tiny islands comprise this colossal UNESCO-listed site which is alive with wildlife, including the famed royal Bengal tiger. Take a guided tour through the trees and see if you can catch a glimpse of this rare beautiful animal.

Mud volcanoes, Azerbaijan


For something truly unique, visit the bubbling mud volcanoes of eastern Azerbaijan, the largest concentration of them on Earth. Take a day trip to see them and drive through the surreal landscape to experience the natural phenomenon. Watch the volcanoes erupt in hypnotic style, with some of them even shooting flames spectacularly into the air.

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon


Head beneath the ground to visit Jeita Grotto, an enormous, crystallised limestone chamber in Lebanon, one of the Middle East’s most fascinating sights. The subterranean cave system spans for more than 6km and the cathedral-like glow of the stalactites is truly unforgettable. Take a guided tour through the breathtaking limestone formations and enjoy views of the surrounding area from the cable car.

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