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Lar is a city of two distinct halves. The new town is the very image of modern Iran, while castle ruins and ancient bazaars tempt tourists to the old town.

Top things to see and do

  • Only ruins of the once impressive Qadamgah Castle remain. It was previously used for defence and sits poised above the ancient city on a raised platform, surrounded by steep slopes.
  • If you want to pick up some unique souvenirs, look no further than the bustling Qeisariyeh Bazaar in Lar’s old town. It’s an excellent example of traditional Iranian architecture and was the inspiration for a number of bazaars across the country.
  • The main feature of the city’s skyline is the colourful Lar Mosque. The stunning turquoise dome and ornate minarets look even brighter set against the stark desert backdrop.
  • Ejdeha Peykar Castle takes its name from its rather unusual structure, with its three distinct sections coming together to resemble a dragon. It’s also one of the area’s oldest castles, dating back to the pre-Islamic era.
  • The Shoor River is formed by a series of streams originating in the Siah, Malek Tir and Jam mountains. Stretching over the river is the impressive Abbasi Bridge which features seven columns, most of which are still intact.
  • In the Saravan Mountains, just outside of Lar, you can see intricate carvings dating back to the Elamite period. The scene shows two symbolic figures, a man and a woman, both with horns on their heads.

Tips for travelers

The Lar Protected Area was declared a National Park in 2001. It has always proved popular with tourists who enjoy the wildflowers and plants on display, and hope to catch a glimpse of one of the 159 animal species who call the area home. Keep a look out for wild goats, leopards, hyenas, brown bears and golden eagles.

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