Embark on an exciting Sicilian food tour

A sun-drenched paradise off the coast of Italy, Sicily is an autonomous region which is not only proud of its own heritage and distinction from Italy, but also challenges its near neighbour when it comes to the culinary world. 

Anchored by a vibrant mix of fruits and vegetables harvested from the rolling volcanic fields, and brought to life by stunning seafood plucked fresh from the glittering Mediterranean waters, Sicily serves up deliciously simple Italian-inspired cuisine with a zesty kick. Tantalise your taste buds with these five local favourites and get a real flavour for this enticing European destination.

Pasta alla Norma


Said to represent Mount Etna, the island’s looming volcano, this pasta dish is a simple combination of tomato (lava) and aubergine (volcanic rocks), topped with a sprinkling of cheese (snow) and basil (vegetation). Head to Trattoria di De Fiore in the east coast city of Catania, for an authentic dish of indulgence. This family-run business puts love and care into every meal, and the food is well worth the wait.



A twist on the much-loved Italian pizza, sfincione is the subject of much regional rivalry in Sicily, with different versions of the recipe favoured in the island’s towns and cities. Head to Palermo for sfincione layered with rich tomato sauce. Along the northern coast, in the pastel yellow town of Bagheria, salty slithers of sardine and indulgent olive oil are worked into the dough. Baked in the oven until golden brown, you’ll find this Sicilian staple in bakeries across the island.

Pasta con le sarde


The preferred pasta dish of the western half of the island, this creamy speciality showcases the salty flavour of sardines, freshly caught from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. White fennel, pine kernels and juicy sultanas are folded into the silky spaghetti strands, and topped with some creamy flakes of cheese. This national delicacy is best enjoyed in the open air, in the relaxed squares of Palermo.

Pane con la milza


Served up in the trendy street food scene of Palermo, the capital city, this Sicilian sandwich is a succulent meat feast topped with a squeeze of lemon and creamy handfuls of cheese. The meat is slow-cooked, and piled high in soft brioche rolls. First rustled up in the Middle Ages, this dish still holds cultural significance to Sicilians to this day, and is eaten on the eve of the Immaculate Conception religious celebration every December.



The only way to round off a Sicilian food tour is with an ice-cold serving of granita. Snowy peaks of crushed ice are flavoured with tangy fruits such as mulberries and raspberries, creamy coffee and chunky chopped almonds. Cooling your throat and cleansing your pallet, this refreshing dessert is the perfect preparation for an afternoon of island adventures.

Deemed by many to be the most delicious pocket of Italy, the local cuisine of this Mediterranean hotspot is a symphony of vibrant colours, fresh flavours and smooth textures. Book flights to Sicily with flydubai and sample all these delicacies and more on a truly scintillating foodie experience.

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