Oman's rich history and natural landscapes are truly unique. From picturesque valleys and mountains to golden beaches, there are plenty of spots to visit in Oman. Start by learning about Oman's culture and traditions in its capital Muscat. The national museum in old Muscat boasts a large collection of artefacts depicting the country's heritage and history. Take a trip to Jabal Akhdar, part of the Hajar mountain range. The scenic drive to this green oasis takes approximately 30 minutes from the ancient city of Nizwa in northern Oman. At Jabal Akhdar, go hiking, cave exploring and take in the refreshing scent of Damask roses that grow here. Visit Nizwa Fort and climb up to the top for amazing views of the city. A trip to Oman is incomplete without visiting Salalah in the south. Salalah is particularly popular during the khareef season when heavy rainfall transforms its landscapes into a lush green haven. Marvel at the waterfalls, caves, lakes and mountains at Wadi Darbat natural park. Learn about the significance of Salalah's frankincense production at Salalah Museum.

Muscat travel guide Discover Muscat Find out more
With its majestic mosques and exotic oases, Muscat offers a truly Arabian experience
Salalah - 2
Salalah travel guide Discover Salalah Find out more
Escape to the lush green oasis of Salalah, Oman, and experience the region's stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

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