Explore flydubai’s hidden gems

Whether you need a solo trip to escape the hectic demands of your day-to-day life, a romantic getaway, or a family vacation, a holiday to a new country may be just what you need. flydubai has options for every taste and budget, from the safari adventures of Entebbe to the gorgeous historical buildings of Tbilisi.

Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe is the safari gateway of Uganda, and rightly so. Located near the Nile River, Lake Victoria and numerous wildlife sanctuaries, Entebbe provides safari experiences for any interest. Gorilla tracking expeditions let you follow a guide into the forests that serve as the natural habitat for the famous silverback gorillas, where is it estimated only 700 remain on Earth.


Tours of the Entebbe’s surrounding area's game parks bring you near giraffes, lions, rhinos and other famous African creatures while Nile boat cruises let you glimpse at hippos, buffalo and crocodiles. The magic of an Entebbe safari vacation is not easily forgotten.

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Tbilisi, Georgia

A journey to Tbilisi's Old Town is a wonderful fusion of the ancient and modern. The tiny streets wind past centuries-old churches and hidden courtyards as well as fun modern tourist spots like evening cafes, shops and museums, making it an easy place for history buffs or couples to lose themselves for days.


Tbilisi is also a spectacular place to book a spa vacation. The sulfur springs provide natural hot baths at several spas in the city and novelist Alexander Pushkin declared them the best baths he'd ever had.

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Istanbul, Türkiye

Istanbul's relaxing baths and gorgeous mosques are available to visit all year, but certain events and activities are especially fun in summer. Have a picnic at the beautiful parks on the Princes' Islands, or take a cruise of the Bosporus when it's warm enough to enjoy the water breezes. A trip to Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the famous The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the Blue Mosque), an exquisite masterpiece of Ottoman architect Sedefkâr Mehmet Ağa.


If you are looking for a more ‘upbeat’ holiday, Istanbul offers a range of music events and festivals. Events like Istanbul Calling and the International Music Festival allow you to dance the day and night away, and the Istanbul Shopping Fest brings amazing bargains and extended store hours to shopping enthusiasts.

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Belgrade, Serbia

A holiday in Belgrade offers the chance to explore the spirited Balkan capital, where modern nightlife and busy shopping malls combine with a fascinating history to ensure there is never a dull moment for visitors. A holiday in Belgrade will suit those seeking a city break with a difference.


Those who choose to travel to Belgrade are generally seeking more than just shopping and sightseeing, but wish to soak up the atmosphere of the city.

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