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Glistening temples, towering Buddha statues, and tranquil lakes will greet you on arrival in the city of Yangon.

The largest city in Myanmar,Yangon offers you a chance to explore colonial architecture, exotic markets, historical monuments and spectacular pagodas amidst an urban landscape that’s constantly evolving.

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Top things to see and do in Yangon

  • Considered to be one of the most sacred sites of Buddhism, the Shwedagon Pagoda is decorated with gold, diamonds, and several other precious gems. The shrine is believed to have relics of three former Buddhas, as well as strands of hair of Gautama Buddha. To truly experience the tranquillity the pagoda has to offer, plan to visit at dawn.
  • Known for its impressive architecture, the St. Mary’s Cathedral is a magnificent sight to behold. The colourful interiors and neo-Gothic design of this church are sure to leave visitors mesmerised.
  • There’s no better place in Yangon to buy souvenirs made by local artists than Bogyoke Market. The market's 2,000 shops, selling everything from gems and jade to rubies and sarongs, is set against the backdrop of colonial architecture.
  • Take a stroll along Inya Lake, the largest lake in the city. Adventurers can sail along the tranquil surface, while those seeking serenity can enjoy a few moments of stillness along the shore.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at the Karaweik Palace, which is built on the south-east corner of Kandawgyi Lake. During the day, the golden palace glitters in the sunlight and in the night, it casts a magical reflection in the lake below.
  • The city's Night Market along Strand Road is known for resembling an all-you-can-eat buffet. As patrons walk down the busy street, tantalising aromas will delight their senses while they sample the various delicacies on offer. The delicious food and vibrant atmosphere allow visitors to catch a glimpse of the Burmese way of life.

Tips for travellers

Take a 10-minute ferry trip from downtown Yangon to Dalah, a rural hamlet on the outskirts of the city. Search for gorgeous trinkets in the lively daily market or head to the handicraft workshop nearby to see locals busy at work converting plastic rubbish into gorgeous bags, baskets and jewellery.

Local Cuisine

Burmese cuisine is known for showcasing strong Indian and Chinese influences. In Yangon, tourists can relish local delicacies like samosa thoke (samosas served in a lentil gravy), mohinga (fish noodle soup) and steamed buns at cosy restaurants or busy street-side cafés. Delicious grilled snacks and sweet treats like bein mont (sweet pancakes topped with a generous sprinkling of nuts and seeds) should be enjoyed fresh from a street-side vendor's stall.

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