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Kochi travel guide

Kochi Travel Guide | Things to do in Kochi
Welcome to Kochi
Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a vibrant city along the Arabian Sea in the southern state of Kerala. Kochi is famous for its ancient spice trade roots, historic forts, beautiful backwaters, shining beaches, and lively markets.
Best time to visit:
The best time to visit Kochi is during winter, from mid-October to early March. This period is ideal for exploring the city with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 32°C.
Things to do:
  • Fort Kochi
    Stroll along the charming lanes of Fort Kochi, lined with beautiful colonial-era architecture, ancient churches, and bustling markets. Don’t miss out on this neighbourhood’s famous landmarks like the Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis Church, and the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets that line the harbour.
  • Jew Town
    Visit the beautiful Jew Town, a vibrant area filled with narrow cobblestone streets and colourful stores selling antiques and aromatic spices. Experience the lively atmosphere of the popular Jew Street by exploring its antique stores and delightful cafes. Jew town is also known for the Paradesi Synagogue, adorned with glittering chandeliers and hand-painted Chinese tiles.
  • Mattancherry Palace
    Mattancherry Palace, also known as the Dutch Palace, is a 16th-century architectural marvel decorated with intricately carved wooden ceilings and ornate courtyards. It showcases vibrant murals depicting Hindu mythology and houses a rich collection of royal artefacts.
  • Kathakali
    Kathakali is a traditional Indian dance-drama with elaborate costumes, intricate makeup, and expressive gestures, depicting stories from Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. You can visit any of the famous theatres in Kochi to see the ancient performance of Kathakali. Consider attending a makeup demonstration before the performance to appreciate the artistry behind this dance-drama.
  • Folklore Museum
    Immerse yourself in Kerala's rich folklore and traditional art at the Folklore Museum. The museum has a fascinating collection of artefacts and cultural exhibits. Visitors can also engage with guides who share captivating stories about these diverse exhibits.
Nearby attractions around Kochi:
  • Lakshadweep
    Lakshadweep is a collection of stunning islands and coral reefs, is a tropical paradise in the Arabian Sea. Embark on a cruise from Kochi to Lakshadweep to dive into the blue lagoons and explore its fascinating marine life. Relax on the white-sand beaches of Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Agatti, and Bangaram. You can also enjoy water activities like snorkelling and kayaking or take a glass-bottom boat ride to experience the marine life.
  • Munnar
    Munnar is a short drive from Kochi, enchants with its tea gardens and misty hills. Experience vast estates of tea plantations surrounded by the aroma of fresh tea leaves. Visit Munnar’s Top Station, located at a staggering height of 5500 feet providing panoramic views of the Western Ghats.
  • Alleppey
    Alleppey is nestled in the picturesque backwaters of Kerala, offers beautiful houseboat cruises along its winding canals and lagoons. Explore the vast paddy fields and coconut groves and enjoy the shimmering backwater landscapes while indulging in authentic Malayali cuisine
Visa entry/requirements for Kochi:
UAE citizens and residents need a visa to visit Kochi.
Flights to Kochi:
Book your flight with flydubai and explore the colourful traditions, charming landscapes, and exciting cuisine of Kochi.

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